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Jarrad Hicks


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Hello, I'm Jarrad

A CV website for Jarrad Hicks, a startup generalist with a proven track record in commercial, revenue, sales & customer success.

I thrive in a chaotic environment -- I have a proven track record in 'getting it done'. I've still a lot to learn, but live by: curiosity, resourcefulness & humility [ironic for someone with a website, I know].

I've functioned across sales, retention/CS, ops, product, marketing & broadly, revenue. I'm unfazed by pivots. I thrive in unstructured environments and work exceptionally well with founders with a raw fire for the problem. This website provides another lens of context to my profile & how I operate.


"Why are you the way you are?"

I believe life context & motivation is a true indicator of whether someone is a good fit when looking for a key person in a startup. So as uncomfortable as it may be [bear with me], if you're interested in knowing a bit more about me as a person and my "why", click 'read more'. 

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